Can you describe a typical project workflow?

Please fill in our Request for Proposal form so we can establish a list of objectives that will make your project successful.

Afterwards we will send you a project contract and a project deposit invoice to begin the process. We begin our projects with a 60% project deposit, while the remaining payment is broken down on a per-project basis.

A typical project includes 2 primary phases:

1. Design phase

During this phase you will receive a detailed design questionnaire that helps us understand your website’s goals, your preference for its design and function, etc. We will go through rounds of revisions to the design, until you are completely satisfied.

2. Programming phase

Once the design is approved, we will program the design into a live and functional website, which will then be tested in all modern browsers, as well as mobile and tablet devices. After all the testings are done to ensure that the website is working perfectly, then you are ready to launch your new website!

What is your preferred form of communication?

Our primary form of communication has always been email based, as this way we can keep track of the multiple discussions that take place before, during and after a project. Phone support is provided at an hourly rate that varies on a per-project basis.

Our email response time during an on-going project is typically within one hour, unless the response requires research / extensive thinking on our end.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit cards, mail-in checks, and cash.